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 Would you like people to be able to contact you directly through your own website?

Infinity Web Designs can install and configure the Livezilla Client to enable you to do just that.

Along with being able to chat directly you will also benefit from being able to gather information about where your visitors are from, how they found you and exactly where they go on your website; giving you invaluable insights into your potential new customers needs and behaviours.

Take a look at these LiveChat Features and contact us  or join us on Live Chat today to discuss installation

Feature LiveZilla
Maximum number of Operators Unlimited
Maximum number of Groups Unlimited
Maximum number of Chats Unlimited
Maximum number of Websites / Servers / Domains Unlimited
Multiple Operator Support
Operator Initiated Chats / Chat Invitations
Chat Queue Line (with approx. waiting time and queue position)
Real-Time Visitor Monitoring
Offline Messages
Ratings / Feedback Form
Chat Forwarding
Email Chat Transcript
Multiple Website Support
Database Support (MySQL)
Global Chat Archive
Automatic Chat Invitations, Website-Pushs, Alerts, Sounds
URL-Based Visitor Filters
Visit Counter
Security Filter
Live Chat / Live Help / Live Support
SSL Support
Downloadable Operator Visitcards (in chat)
Push Web Pages / Website-Pushs
Typing Indicator (bi-directional)
Translation Editor
Custom Chat Input Fields
Multiple Chat Invitation Styles
Translation Editor
Display of Visitor Referrer and Entry Page URLs
Display of Visitor History
Customization and Branding
Sound & Visual Alerts
WebCam Support
LiveZilla Desktop Client for Windows®
User / Group Permissions
File Transfers (bi-directional) / File Management
LiveZilla Server-Admin for Windows®
Minimum Server Requirements
Global Canned Messages
Answer Suggestions / Quick Search Window
Multi Language Support
French, German, English, Italian, Spanish,
Portuguese, Dutch, Slovakian and more.