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Search engine Optimisation

This is one of the most complex and time consuming parts of owning a website. However it is also the most important. There is no point having an all singing all dancing website if no one finds it.

The easiest way to get traffic (i.e potential customers) is to rank highly on search engines such as google, yahoo, msn, ask and bing. This is done by having a relevant and up to date website and following these basic rules

1. Have the right website. Our sites have been tried and tested over many years to adhere to the guidelines that google and other search engines set out

2. Know your competition. There is no point spending time and money trying to compete in the most competitive fields. Our skill is to find a niche and get your keywords performing as highly and as fast as possible

3. Building links. Recent research has shown that the most important factor in determining where a website ranks on a search engine is the amount and quality of inbound links. Our SEO is contracted to the biggest SEO company in the UK.

Using these three simple rules can increase traffic exponentially.

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